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About Us...

About Our Organization...

Greetings from Beautiful and Sometimes Foggy San Francisco, California!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Inspirational Books Music & More.  I’m Roxane and I'd like to tell you my story about why I started this online business.

When I was a child, I noticed that many families suffered pain and mental anguish in our society. I wanted to do God’s work and minister to those who were needy and hurting. I went to college and earned my Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology. For many years, I listened to people’s stories with compassion…helped them…referred them to counselors and other professionals who could assist them in resolving their problems.

On 8 October 1999, I was discussing Web sites and e-commerce with an acquaintance. I said, “If I ever start an online business, I would choose a bookstore. I would name it, ‘Inspirational Books & More,’ and sell products that lift the spirit.” Who would have thought that several years later, I actually became an online bookstore owner? Since that time, I have changed the name to “Inspirational Books Music & More.”

The adage, “Be careful what you wish for…it may come true,” certainly rings true for me. How was I able to buy an online bookstore? I joined 30fold and we’re partners.

The story about 30fold…

When Steve Darrow was a college student back in the '70’s, by his own admission, he said that he was an atheist. His Christian roommate gave him a book entitled, The Late Great Planet Earth, written by Hal Lindsey. Initially, he read the book to refute Christianity and ridicule his roommate. But after reading the book, he was so touched that he became a Christian. Now, this demonstrates how powerful God is that He can use a book to change a person's life. This story is the foundation of 30fold.

“Christian Books Change Lives…Christian Music Restores the Soul”

Our company’s name, 30fold, was inspired by Jesus’ parable of sowing seeds. If seeds are sown in good soil, the harvest will be thirty fold. We are the premier provider of online Christian bookstores in the United States, and we have expanded into Canada, England, Ireland, France and Australia.

The purpose of 30fold is to build up the body of Christ through life-changing products. People spend almost $13.5 billion dollars per year on Christian products. Currently, about 88% of sales revenue from Christian products goes to secular businesses that finance objectionable, inappropriate material that are anti-Christian and anti-family.

Our mission is two-fold: To put life-changing Christian products into the hands of people affordably, at discounted prices, and conveniently, online. 30fold gives people an alternative portal to redirect the sales revenue from Christian products back to God’s people which makes an eternal impact on people and our society.

Our vision is to build a business network of online shopping portals and then think big. We believe that the profits from these purchases would be better spent on you and your family.

“Keeping Christian Dollars in Christ's Kingdom”

Thank you, again, for your interest in our online Christian bookstore.
May God bless you abundantly!

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